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About Me

IMG_6733My name’s Latifa, and I’m a journalism student and certified fitness instructor in the UK. I have a passion for fitness and cooking healthy dishes. I started my healthy lifestyle about 3 years ago when I was overweight, feeling alone, tired all the time and I really wanted to transform life.

I was always the ‘chubby girl’ and was teased and criticized in high school for being overweight. I was shunned and ignored by my classmates. I was insecure, had no self-belief and thought things would never change. I was at my lowest point. I would always believe the negative things people said about me, and I would never stand up for myself. I was so focused on what other people thought about me, and I didn’t even think well about myself!

IMG_6721I was about 18 when I decided to make a change. Every time I doubted myself, I would tell myself I’m good enough – that I am more than capable – that I CAN do it! I decided to get into fitness to find a new way to transform myself. It wasn’t easy at first. I had no idea how to use gym equipment, and I was sticking to cardio and running machines, and eating salads and grilled chicken everyday hoping to lose weight. I then realised that I had to actually eat MORE and do strength training to become lean and toned, and I eat way more now than I ever had before and I’m leaner than I’ve ever been!IMG_6720Everyday I had to work hard to make sure I didn’t go back to my old ways of thinking, and I dedicated myself to being healthy, optimistic and confident in myself. Overtime it became easier, and now it comes almost naturally to me! I dedicated myself to fitness and never looked back! I eat clean and love trying and testing out new workouts and recipes.

My passion for fitness saw me take a fitness diploma and become a certified personal trainer and Zumba instructor where I am able to combine my passion for dance and fitness together, and teach people to become fit and have loads of fun! I hope you become inspired and realise you are more than you think you are, and you CAN become fit, confident and happy with yourself!


Tif xoxo