Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino (Copycat recipe) This Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino is a delicious DIY drink that is vegan, dairy free, sugar free, low calories and low in fat! A delicious alternative to your regular Starbucks iced frappes! #vegan 1 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1 extra ripe frozen banana 2 shots espresso coffee 1/4 cup almond milk 1 tsp maple syrup/agave/stevia
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starbucks caramel frappuccino

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino at Home (Copycat Recipe)

The Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino is a delicious way to enjoy an icy cold coffee. And you can re-create this special drink right at home! I’ve found that caramel frappuccinos are all the rage at Starbucks, and people always seem to order it. But did you know that you can make your own version of this deliciously sweet and yummy frappuccino right at home? And also, skip on all those calories, sugars and unhealthy fats! In this recipe, I’ll teach you how to make a healthier version of your favourite drink, at a fraction of the cost!

starbucks caramel frappuccino
When I was younger I was a huge fan of frappuccinos. But because they’re so loaded with unhealthy fats, calories, and not to mention, all that syrup. So I always stayed clear. 

Though, I would enjoy them as a treat from time to time! As I grew older I enjoyed coffee more, so I would always opt for lattes. Which will be my next Starbucks D.I.Y. recipe, so stay tuned! But first, a zoom in of this amazing frappuccino.

starbucks caramel frappuccino

Look at all that whipped cream caramel sauce! Sweet, delicious and also SUPER DUPER HEALTHY. Yes, I said it. This drink is good for you. What? Wait, healthy? YES! I used coconut whip and some prepped healthy caramel sauce (that is super easy to make).

starbucks caramel frappuccino

So what am I waiting for…? Oh yes… I’ve got to explain to you how delicious, lush, icy cold, and caramel-y this drink really is. And also, how I’m making this everyday for the rest of my life.

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Recipe
Serves 1
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  2. 1 extra ripe frozen banana
  3. 1/4 cup almond milk (any kind)
  4. 2 shots espresso, cooled (or ⅓ cup strongly brewed coffee, cooled)
  5. pinch of salt
  6. optional: 1 tsp maple syrup/agave/stevia (any sweetener would work)
Whipped cream
  1. 1/2 cup coconut milk (scooped from the top)
Caramel sauce
  1. 1 tbsp coconut sugar
  2. 1 heaping tbsp coconut cream
  1. Blend all caramel frappuccino ingredients together in a blender. Don't overblend or else it will become too runny.
  2. Take a can of coconut milk (do not shake the tin). Carefully scoop the top layer off (this is the coconut cream), and whip it in a bowl for a minute or two till it's stiff.
  3. For the caramel sauce, heat the coconut sugar in a pan until it caramelizes. Remove from heat, then add the coconut cream and stir.
  1. Do not over blend the caramel frappuccino or else it will become too runny. If it gets too runny, add some ice and blend in pulses.
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