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how to get toned this summer

5 Tricks to Get Toned For Summer

Suns out, guns out. Summer calls for swimsuits, ice cold cocktails and exotic beach destinations. So, it’s vital to look beach ready. Summer has now arrived, and those of us who have not succumbed to intense workout regimes and diet fads are left behind scrambling for a last minute fix for our love handles and muffin tops. However, don’t sweat it. There is still hope for those of us who’ve yet to put down the chocolate and pick up the celery stick. So get yourself beach ready this summer with these 5 tricks to tone, tone your thighs, get rid of love handles, lose body fat and get abs those abs you’ve always wanted!

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the benefits of muay thai

The Benefits of Muay Thai

It’s only natural that sometimes we don’t really feel like going to the gym. Especially after a long day, when you’re done with work, and you know that the gym is going to be rammed full of people. The thought of having to wait for a machine or be watched when you’re doing your squats, gets abit daunting. At times like these (I experience them too, believe me), I find that joining a class motivates me so much more! When I join a class, I know it’s going to be fun, exciting, motivating and I’ll be working out with other people. I’ve been taking some Muay Thai classes recently and I absolutely love it! For those of you who aren’t too familiar, Muay Thai is a striking Martial art where you use your fists, elbows, knees, and feet to attack. There is also an element of grappling in Muay Thai, known as the clinch, a maneuver used to set up knee and elbow strikes or to throw your opponent to the ground.

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healthy chocolate lava cake

Healthy Chocolate Lava Cake

Calling all chocolate lovers out there! Introducing to you the world’s best healthy chocolate lava cake. Imagine a chocolate cake that is not just a chocolate cake. Cut open the centre, and experience something magical. Gooey, melt-in-your-mouth, ultimate, chocolatey deliciousness that will just blow your mind. I had in mind to slice the cake in squares. but the cake itself was just so gooey and moist that it didn’t hold. But this made it even MORE delicious. 

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health chocolate nana ice cream

Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Hi ya’ll!

Today I bring you a super quick breakfast recipe. A delicious and nutritious treat that is, chocolate ice cream. You know when you’re growing up and your parents are all like ‘No ice cream for breakfast!’ But… this is a healthy version. This chocolate ice cream has an ingredient that’s going to blow your mind. Frozen bananas. Bananas are filled with potassium and are a super healthy and delicious treat to have. The secret is to use ripe bananas. The riper the bananas are, the sweeter they are. So make sure the outer skin is black, and that means you’ve got a super sweet banana! So, on to the recipe! 😉

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how to get more views on my blog

How to get more views on your blog? 7 sure-fire ways to Get Your Blog Noticed

Hey guys!

So after writing my previous post on how to get more Instagram followers, I thought I’d follow it up with how to get more blog views. I know a few of my friends, and a few of you on here have blogs, and write content regularly but really want to know HOW to get your stuff noticed, and really increase traffic on your website!

Starting a new blog is exciting: you write your first post, you put your heart and soul into it, and you even share it on all your social media pages. But then, you’re stumped. You only get a handful of views, and you feel that you deserve way more than that. Well, at least more than 10… So, I’m going to share with you how I rose from literally 15 views a day (was literally just my mum, sister and cat!) to almost 3000 unique visitors a day! It’s not rocket science, it will take you a few neat tips and tricks to getting your content noticed. And your content deserves to be noticed, am I right? 😉

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how to get more instagram followers

How to get more followers on Instagram (for bloggers, business owners, social influencers, and more!)

If you’re just starting out on the social media sphere, posting photos on Instagram can be pretty disheartening. Post an image and you’ll only get a few likes from a small number of followers that you have, which mostly consists of your friends and your family. I get it, it does suck. Sometimes when you think you’ve taken the most amazing shot, whether it is an incredible shot of a sunset, a colourful array of food, or a really hench picture of you at the gym, you’re just not getting the likes that you want.

I started off that way. But as the months went by, I applied a few simple techniques that saw my followers and engagement skyrocket! I couldn’t believe it, but what I used and implemented actually worked. Not only in gaining followers, but also increasing user engagement. So, in this article, I will be sharing with you my top tips on how to increase your Instagram followers!

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gymshark women's review

Gymshark New Women’s Range 2016 Review + Giveaway Contest

I was given this outfit by Gymshark, and I am honestly so glad to try it out. I’m a fitness instructor, personal trainer avid gym go-er, and squats are my middle name. So I’m always in search for a good pair of workout leggings. Oh, and a cute gym top is cool too.

The concern I have with workout leggings is that: It always seems to slide down. Because my hip to waist ratio is literally not fit for normal clothes out there, leggings always sit perfectly on my hips but are incredibly loose around my waist. And this sort of causes my leggings to slip, and oops. Butt crack. Not good. And also this gets super uncomfortable especially when you keep having to pull up your pants constantly during your sets. Hey, I only got 1 minute rest between sets so I ain’t got no time to be pulling up my leggings. And that wastes 5 precious seconds of resting. So, no way josé.

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top ten unique things to do in santorini

The Top 10 UNIQUE things to do in Santorini

The Greek island of Santorini is known for its tranquil vibes and breathtaking views. Not only that, it’s a well-known honeymoon destination. But who could blame it? It’s like wanderlust, stepping into an exotic destination with scenic views and unique architecture that make you want to take all your belongings and call it your new home. Everything in Santorini is themed, it’s like Instagram coming to life. The colour scheme is magnificent: white, blue and turquoise. And all the buildings depict these colours. This makes it an outstanding place for photo taking, but also makes for an amazing and unforgettable view. Santorini is not one you can just see in pictures, but one you have to experience. I got to share this wonderful trip with my sister, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other! We had the best time ever. If you are fantasising about a trip to Santorini or planning to go, here’s a list of my favourite experiences throughout my trip, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

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matcha tea latte

Iced Matcha Tea Latte

It’s spring time, finally! The weather is definitely starting to warm warming up, and shades are out. Spring is my favourite season. Firstly, it’s the season of my birthday (yay!) and secondly, it’s that transition from cold to warm that I really like. Flowers start to bloom, the sun comes out and everything just seems to become alive again. It’s like nature’s metamorphosis. I find that very beautiful. Everything is also very colourful and fun! I like that too. So, firstly, I have to talk to you guys about my new obsession: Matcha green tea lattes. This matcha tea latte recipe is made with matcha tea powder and is super delicious and packed with antioxidants. Not to mention also dairy-free! 

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Healthy Raw Vanilla Raspberry Cheesecake Slices


Ok so a week has passed. I know, I’m really bad at being consistent with posting. Sorry! Procrastination has gotten the better of me! But.. I come with you, today, a GREAT recipe. Healthy raw vanilla raspberry cheesecake slices. These slices are so sweet, creamy and tangy. I love raspberry cheesecake. Ok, so as you know, I am a crazy sweet tooth. I can’t not eat something sweet everyday. And with my crazy cravings, I’ve GOT to find something healthy as a substitute. Or else I’ll eat a whole pack of brownies. And a Ben & Jerry’s. Or both at once. (this has happened many times, I can assure you!)

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